Who Are We?

We are specialized in everything related to Cryptocurrencies. Our expertise consists amongst other things of buying and selling cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. On top of facilitating simple ways for the acquisition of mentioned currencies and others, we also offer services of education trading excercises.

You can also contact us for free information. In case we are unable to help you, which is rare, we will refer you a trustworthy partner to find the appropriate response for you. At Cryptohouse Group, customer satisfaction is primary.

Our consultants are here to aid you both physically for a face-to-face chat in our Antwerp office as well as online through e-mails. We will take the time to answer any questions you have regarding blockchain technology, so come visit us by making an appointment, or contact us through WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger.

Investing in The Future

We are strong supporters of Blockchain technology and for that reason we believe investing in them. We believe they are useful and will become even more useful in the future, and for that reason, that it's a good idea to invest in them. Some people ask us if it's too late to invest. The answer to that is absolutely not. Many economists believe the total market cap will be much bigger.

Today there are a bit over 18 million Bitcoins in circulation. There is a cap of 21 million, and no more will ever exist. Yet the last one will be mined in the year 2140, due to scarceness that increases in the long term. As time goes by with the halvenings less and less Bitcoin will get produced, which is something many investors are yet to fully understand.

The First Cryptocurrency Office in Belgium

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Since 2017, some terms like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been reaching the news on a daily basis. Yet, this technology has existed since 2008. With Crypto, you can perform transactions 24/7 worldwided. They are a form of "digital cash" of which the owner has full control.

Blockchain technology makes it possible for users to perform transactions directly on the network without any need for centralization or limitations. This technology leads to more transparant, equal rights for financial freedoms, without any interference from third parties.


The first digital currency in the world, the one that put the subject on the map. Because this is an open source project, of which no company or entity has control over, users are able to trade freely amongst each other.



Also open source, Ethereum is considered by many to be Bitcoin's smaller brother. This decentralized network is based on the Bitcoin concept. One of Ethereum's main differences is that it cannot be mined with ASIC chips, but only with GPUS, in the belief that it will be even more decentralized.


Ripple stelt klanten in staat om het protocol in eigen systemen te integreren. De Nationale Bank van Abu Dhabi is onlangs begonnen met de technologie voor sommige transacties en met name voor grensoverschrijdende transacties. Het stelt haar klanten in staat om geld in realtime (dus heel snel) over te boeken.

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