Bitcoin ATM

We would like to help accessibility for people to use Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as a payment method, so that even more people will be able to use it. If you would like to, we will gladly take the time to explain to you how it is done.

In the nearby future we will carry our share in this revolution by having more locations with our ATM’s, starting with Belgium and Holland. With these devices, people can use both bank transfers and credit cards for their purchase and/or sale.

The registration process to use these devices does require KYC, which you can do both online or offline in person during a visit to our office.

How Does it Work?

To be able to use our Bitcoin ATM, it is required to verify your identity with us. This is for legal reasons. The steps after that are quite intuitive and simple: simply follow the instructions on the terminal, choose the amount you would like to purchase according to current course of the moment plus the costs of our service. You can use a credit card and bank card.

After the transaction is done, the cryptocurrency you have purchased will be sent to you. Of course, we take the most delicate care of the information you give us during the “Know Your Customer” process. Also, this verification process only applies to the first time you make a purchase, the times after that you can use the machine freely without being asked to verify.

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